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Orwell: The New Life 

Now out in paperback. Over seventy years since his premature death, George Orwell (1903-50) has become one of the most significant figures in Western literature. His two dystopian masterpieces, Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949), have together sold over one hundred million copies. Even now, he continues to exert a decisive influence on our understanding of international politics. 

D.J.Taylor's new biography, the first full-length study for twenty years, draws on a wide range of previously unseen material - newly discovered letters to old girlfriends and professional colleagues, recollections from the dwindling band of people who remember him, new information about his life in the early 1930s - to produce a definitive portrait of this complex, driven and self-mythologising man. 

Who is Big Brother? A Reader's Guide to George Orwell

The essential companion to Orwell and his works, covering all the novels and major essays. 

'D.J. Taylor is the world's leading Owelliant. What he offers here will raise any reader's awareness of a writer whose repuation grows year on year as the world catches up with him'.


John Sutherland, author of Orwell's Nose

'From the foothills of early Orwell, when he was searching for a style and a politics, to the stunning vistas of his later years, Taylor shows the way. No one knows the trails better'.


Robert Colls, author of George Orwell: English Rebel

'Full of intiguing new insights, as one has come to expect from any melding of the inquisitive minds of Taylor and Orwell'.


Sylvia Topp, author of Eileen: The Making of George Orwell

Flame Music: The True Story of Resurgam Records By One Who Was There

It’s 1978 and Nick Du Pont, one-time PR man to Sixties rock behemoths the Helium Kids, is back in London and bent on founding his own record label. A new kind of music – sharp, hard and dangerous – is bursting onto the airwaves on both sides of the Atlantic and Nick wants a slice of the action – in particular, the work of The Flame Throwers, the most provocative assemblage of street-smart desperadoes ever to hail from downtown Los Angeles.


Taking on from where the highly-praised Rock and Roll is Life (2018) left off, this is the story of Resurgam Records and the personal traumas and tragedies that attended its coruscating rise – until the time when, as so invariably happens, the dancers shuffle to a halt and the music stops.

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